Sunday, March 8, 2009

Today Sunday 8th March

Another great day in the Hawkes Bay after yesterday thunder storm, we had the loudest thunder clap I have ever heard, made us really jump, if we had been a few minutes latter in getting back to the caravan we would have got wet as it really rained.
On getting up the first thing we saw was this balloon floating over the orchard, quite a sight

We spent a bit of time over on the Westside of Napier, by the old harbour .
watching some surfing .
the kids having a yacht race
tourists having a trip around the harbour on the "duck"
a fishing boat returning from somewhere
and a beached pilot whale (it was old according to DOC and had already died)
Back on the orchard we found this old shed called the rabbit house, the owners kids at one stage had used it the raise rabbits, now they run wild around the place along with the quail, wild cats and pukeko's

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