Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Greetings ..

Well here we go another year has passed us bye and what an interesting year it has been.

As we mentioned last year in our newsletter I had left my job and we were planning to buy a caravan and travel the country, well we got the caravan, Gill left her job in February and in March we rented the house and set off.
First stop was just up road at Waikanae to get things sorted out then over to Masterton for Easter, Havelock North for Apple Picking, Kiwi Fruit Pack house in Te Puke and then up here to camp ground in Omokoroa, where we still are. If you have kept up with reading the blog you would have already read all about this.
We have done different things and experienced a very different life style, amazing what you can do without when living in such a small area, some we have enjoyed, others not so.

We have had some visitors while here, my brother Bruce, Kerry (aka Tracy) and AB ( aka little Josh) and then a couple of weeks back Rochelle came for a few days, it was great to see her. Over Christmas Gills mum and brother will be with us, so we will have some family around but we will miss Deborah, Rochelle, Josh and Aimee as this will be the first time they will not be around at Christmas. In the New Year all the “Hopes” arrive, that should be fun and then my brother John and wife Anne turn up for a few days.

On the family side just before we left Josh got engaged to Aimee and then both set off to Ozzie, Melbourne where Josh is working as a chef in a restaurant and Aimee in a hotel doing a management related course. Rochelle is still chasing mozzies and Deborah is working for MAF in an administration related job.

Next year we will be moving on from here, we have already got work lined up over winter so we just need to find something to take us to June.

God bless you all have a great Christmas and New Year and keep reading the blog and leave some comments we would love to hear from you .

PS – This is our very retro Christmas tree outside the caravan.

Graeme and Gill


Footlight said...

I love the Christmas tree, Graeme! I also admire this trip you have made - quite an undertaking. Thanks for keeping us informed and a Merry Christmas to you two as well.

Deb said...

love the tree, Thought you were planning on getting a real one?

Very nice decorations!