Friday, September 19, 2008

The OLD and NEW

Back up to Waihi today to collect Gills art from the cafe at Waihi Beach, they have changed owners and no longer want her art, shame as we hopped stuff would sell over Christmas :-(

Had another look at the Martha Gold mine, from what they are using today to extract the ore to what was used in the past is intresting, If you look real close (botterm left) you can see one of the old tunnels that the miner would have crawled through when it was still the underground mine.
With the open pit mining they would have used water for slucing to get the ore and then moved to blasting the rock ..
Old slucing machine and the new way, drilling holes for blasting
And to move the ore they would have used the little trollies on rails and today its BIG machinery.
You can see the size with Gill standing beside one of the dump trucks that is on display
The sun is ment to shine thisweekend so all take care ...

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AZ to NZ said...

too bad about the artwork. Maybe you'll find some other opportunities.

I didn't know they did any gold mining here, so that's interesting to see.

Hope all is well up north. We made it through our first winter, which wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. We're definitely looking forward to spring and summer though, I need a vacation!