Saturday, June 14, 2008

Went to Fieldays

The biggest farming show in New Zealand, ( lots and lots of people (farmers I guess) on the day and lots of farming equipment, displays etc, blows away any A&P I ever been to.

There is still money in farming or at least the people who sell new tractors etc think there is as I have never seen so many different types and brands of new tractors etc.

We met up with out great friends Sonja and Peter from Wellington and had a fantastic day , there is really no way we could see all the displays, that would at least take the 4 days.

Tractor racing is a different way to use your tractor, never had anything like that on the farm when I was kid,

but the most intresting thing was the automatic computer controlled milking machine, once again way removed from the malking machine I used when on the farm, it would have made life so easy.

Got myself a Gallagher pointing stick so I am a real "cow cocky" again, a great day and I will go again next year if I can.

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Neville & Sue said...

Bugger, I just wish I was there. The ultimate in Big Boys Toys show - well for us country boys anyway. Maybe next year you will take the caravan and stay for a couple of days - isnt that what it is for!!!!!