Thursday, April 24, 2008

No More Apples, Horray ..

We have picked the last of the apples, the orchard we were working in has finished picking so we are not going to another as apple picking in the area is coming to a close.

To celebrate we had a soak in a spa pool at Napier’s pool complex and took a drive up to Whirinaki, had lunch on the beach and watched the waves

and visited the Esk Valley Estate Winery, bringing home 2 bottles of wine, a Chenin Blanc (white) and a Merlot/Cab Sav/Malbec blend (red), both where very nice when tasted at the winery.

So what is our next move ?, after this weekend we will sit down and work it out, we have some options but have to wait and see what comes out of enquires we have made.


Deb said...

Mmm yes the Esk valley winery is very nice. Have you been to the crab farm vineyards yet? I like those as well :)

dynacam said...

Went to Crab Farm winery in a previous trip to Napier ..