Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Apples ..

So far we have picked three types of apples, started with Fuji then Jazz and last Braeburn.
The Braeburn have been the best to pick , so another 3 bins today.
We managed to do a bin every 2 hours so starting a 8am we are home by 2:30pm.

Order of pictures are Jazz, Braeburn and Fuji


Sra Scherzophrenic said...

What are Jazz apples? I have never heard of them!

dynacam said...

They are a cross with royal gala and goldern delicious, I think and new variety here in NZ

AZ to NZ said...

Hopefully they used a variant better than the Red Delicious that we were getting in the States. The grower's focus on getting a really Red apple lead to a "red delicious" that was really red, but had tough skin and kind of soft fruit.

People started getting turned off to the Red delicious, as a result a lot of apple growers in Washington state, where I was from, started switching to Galas and Braeburns.

I haven't tried any NZ red delicious yet, as I like galas and braeburns more now! I'll have Laurie look out for some Jazz apples and maybe pickup a few.


Paul C said...

Hope you find a bit more to talk about than how many apples you picked today. I'm not looking forward to a couple of years of that. ;)
I thought you said this "unemployed" lark was fun. I'm not so sure at the moment.