Friday, April 4, 2008

From the top of the ladder

No apple picking today, we are not required, spent all of yesterday climbing up and down a ladder getting those top apples

View from the top of ladder over the orchard


Anonymous said...

Yep comments are working

John said...

I believe that you should never travel with any water in your holding tanks as it can 'slosh'around

Bet you are sleeping well with all that physical work - how are your muscles? Bet you don't keep this up for long!!

Neville & Sue said...

Great to have a day off after a hard day. You must have slept well after that first day.
Just picked up our van after getting Self Containment Cert after adding Grey water and solar power. Ready to go freewheeling now.

sueUK said...

Thanks for letting us share your trip with you. We'll be watching your progress. Looks good so far.