Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Move from Masterton to Havelock North

Well here we go again, yesterday we moved from Masterton to Arataki in Havelock North, no problems in getting up there it all went well. We stopped over at Napier and fitted an Anti-Sway bar which we hope will improve the towing in the future.
The Arataki camp is very nice, indoor swimming pool and all (which we have used), we have parked up next to another Leisure Line caravan so have been gaining valuable tips on from them, also there is another Leisure Line just a couple of sites away.
We need to get a longer caravan power lead as the power box is just a little too far for the current lead to
run across the ground safely.
Next week we will look for some work in an orchard, maybe picking apples.

This is what the caravan setup looks like (taken in Masterton) before we moved, the awning gives us much need space for bits and pieces, but it all has to be packed away before we move.

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